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Is Your Banker Weird? Really?

This is the first of a series of conversations between a financial consultant and trusted advisor named Jay and his clients and friends.  The conversations deal with the misconceptions and misunderstandings between business owners and their bankers.  I hope you find it helpful and entertaining.  Jay took an iced tea from the drink stand and… Read more »

Why Give Up?

  Why would a business owner walk away from a life’s work without even exploring the possibility of selling their business? I didn’t intend to write this article. I have a pile of other interesting topics waiting for my attention. But I had two conversations last week I found troubling. In both conversations I heard about… Read more »

The Law of Competitive Balance – Smart Business Advice from America’s Leading Sabermetrician

 In his bestseller Moneyball, Michael Lewis introduced his readers to sabermetrics. The Google Dictionary defines sabermetrics as “the application of statistical analysis to baseball records”.  He also introduced his readers to Bill James, who began evaluating baseball through the use of innovative statistics in the late 70’s. Unlike most of the first generation of sabermetricians,… Read more »

Beware the “Country Club Price” A Letter to Business Owners Selling their Business

Dear Business Owner, You’re thinking about selling your business and you’re excited. You were sitting in the club room after a round of golf last week-end and one of your fellow club members let drop that he had just sold his business for 10 times earnings.  You’ve mentally applied that multiple to your earnings and… Read more »

Spruce Things Up

Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Increase Your Business’s Value The sizzle has sold more steaks than the cow ever has, although the cow is, of course, mighty important.                                                 … Read more »

The 12 Books I’ve Read Since Joining B2B CFO® – Part One

Stephen Covey’s 7th Habit – Sharpen the Saw  I joined B2BCFO® in October 2016. For most of my previous 40 years in the business world I had been an avid reader but in recent years the time commitments involved with leading the finance function of a private equity portfolio company (including three sales) had caused… Read more »

George Washington’s Leadership Secrets – A Reflection on Leadership for President’s Day

For my first two years of college, before I changed my major to accounting (another story for another article) I majored in American history. The early 1970’s were an exciting time to be a history major at the University of Virginia. The faculty included several giants of historiography and I learned much that I carried… Read more »