Thomas Henry

Granger, IN
40 Years of Experience

About Thomas Henry

Thomas empathizes with the small business owner having been in those types of companies his entire career. Thomas has 40+ years of experience with 35+ years in upper level management as a trusted advisor for privately held companies in roles such as Owner, CFO, GM, Director of Finance and Controller.

Tom has dealt with just about every problem experienced by an entrepreneur in a small business and understands the challenges of wearing many hats and the difficulty in finding trusted business advisors with high levels of passion for the business.

Problems range from what is the next acquisition to how will payroll be covered next week and everything in between. Most of his experience has been with cash and profit challenged companies as well as fast growth environments.

Desires and Wants of a Small Business Owner:

  • Spend more time with family
  • Sell company to fund retirement
  • Acquisition to grow company
  • Long-term security for family in case of the unexpected
  • Vacation without worrying about the business
  • What is the value of the company?
  • Sustainable profitability
  • Capital for growth
  • And more

Sampling if career challenges:

  • As a GM growth of 1150% in 2-1/2 years with OTD in excess of 99%
  • Developing and executing strategy for returning a company to breakeven in approximately 12 months
  • Driver behind changing the culture of a company that rarely achieved profit and cash goals to exceeding goals every year
  • Developed financial discipline and accurate and timely reporting in a company that had lost all credibility with their only lender
  • Developed financial discipline and accurate and timely reporting in a company that had lost all credibility with their only lender
  • Constant restructuring ideas for a company in a dying industry enabling them to achieve aggressive profitability and cash targets each year
  • Profit improvements of $2 million plus for a company helping bring it to breakeven after 10 years of continuous losses

The of course problems which are not uncommon to the small business owner:

  • How will payroll be funded next week?
  • How will this new large order get completed on time?
  • Why is scrap so high?
  • How did inventory get out of control?
  • Why is the ‘on-time’ delivery so bad?
  • How can we get a larger line of credit from our bank?
  • Why isn’t our largest customer paying on time?
  • I don’t understand why financial statements are so late
  • When will be able to trust the financial reporting? It doesn’t feel right
  • How is it possible to have such a large book to physical inventory loss?
  • Why is the year-end audit taking so long when the results are needed for a line f credit renewal?
  • Why aren’t we making money?
  • How is it possible that manufacturing rejects are so high?

Tom has a BS in business with focus in accounting from Marquette University as well as a CPA certificate from the state of Indiana.

A life-long resident of northwest Indiana, Tom and his wife, Candy have 4 adult children along with recently adopting 4 more children.

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